Lb.Styling wedding event styling

Lb.Styling wedding event styling

We chat to Laice from Lb.Styling about her thoughts on creating the most beautiful wedding for her clients. With a background in design Laice talent is creating the DNA of your special day. 

Weddings can be very overwhelming, where do you start? Do you have a process of where to start with the planning and creative vision?

Every journey is completely different and that is what we love about weddings.  Ideally outside of a consultation and understanding more about our couple and what is important to them and their ideal budget…we always start with your venue & guest pax.

Once you have your venue, this opens the pathway for everything else to fall into place: VENUE & DATE is where we like to start.  Everything falls into place once you have your venue…

What's the number one nonnegotiable you find for a wedding? Or can it vary?

The number one for us is being unique and bespoke to YOU, when we meet with our couples the concept is always the exciting part yet for us it is key it is unique to them as a couple.

Your background is in design… how does this influence your planning and creating the vision for your client's wedding.

I believe it has influenced us to think a little differently creatively with how we can bring their dream concept to life through different mediums. No idea is too big or small or `unachievable` If anything I thrive on trying to create something not seen before or deemed `too hard` and this all relates back to being bespoke and unique. Although my operational side does always pull me back when I need it, hence the sample and testing process as we always like to ensure everything is perfectly executed. Being planned is something I learned through my whole career and a true passion-we like to say LB allowed our creative side to take over a little more and we have found the perfect balance between logistics/planning VS our creative nature.

What’s your thoughts on trends? Are you seeing any new trends that you can share with us.

Trends are trends, we tend to only look at these through fashion & art. Fashion was my background and is always ahead of the market.

In saying that we like to try to be ahead of the trend or creating our own trend/dna/mark. I tend to refer to my coffee table books constantly and old world architecture (I try to find inspiration from things constantly around me or from what I love) always looking at photos from trips overseas and places that inspired us.  

For our couples it is how we piece together their concepts…through what they love, who they are and what they have experienced together.

Your vision is authenticity, intimacy and always something different… can you share a bit about your journey with your clients?

I think we have touched on it a little bit in the above yet for us we love to get to know our couples and really understand who they are, this always leads to the most incredible journey of building a relationship whilst creating something truly spectacular and unique to them. Our relationships are personal and intimate, and we believe this leads to the best experience and connection on your special day.

What's your favourite part of wedding event styling ?

Seeing the moodboard/vision come to life, the beauty of the hard work that goes into a wedding across a year or more comes together in one amazing finished product and immersive experience. We love seeing our couples & guests enjoy this.



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